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📚 Preschool Games with Educational Concept - This  kindergarten games boost the object and letter recognition and cultivates children's observation, matching and memory skills, Moreover, it also facilitates kids' practical thinking and hands-on skills with child-friendly wooden letter while learning alphabet, language, and spelling literacy skills.
📚 Safe and Durable  - The spelling games for kids are made of high quality environmentally friendly smooth Wooden Materials with no burr on the edge. Child safe is our priority! Durable and Lightweight, letter matching toys endures unlimited time of use for children. Non-toxic child-friendly design is safe for kids and protects the environment.
📚 Interactive Spelling Fun - Kids can spend hours of fun playing this spelling game with families and friends. One put a card with a word covered by the wooden tray, and the other one spelled the correct  word by flipping and matching the wooden cubes with the alphabet.

Wooden Matching Letter Games

SKU: PS01003
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